Morgo Unit Super Rotary Oil Pump

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Step Up to providing your engine with modern oil delivery   Perfect for you everyday and basically required for any high powered or race applications.

The Morgo Super Rotary pump is capable of delivering approximately twice the oil of a standard plunger pump even when the oil is very hot. A rotary pump of the new type will still pump oil adequately when the oil is in a very contaminated condition, and the pump is very worn. Normally the contamination in the oil would hold open the ball valves in the plunger type pumps and stop the pump working at pressure, scavenge or both. Resulting in either no oil pressure or the crank case full of oil. No number of extra ball valves can eliminate this possibility.

Pair with our quality Morgo Remote Oil Filter kit for the best lubrication you can give to your engine.  It will love you for it!


Suitable for :- 3TA, 5TA, T90, T100 TR6, T120, TR7, T140 350cc, 500cc, 650cc Units & 750 Twins. T120 models after 1961 Non-Electric Start Twin Cylinder Unit Construction Triumph Motors (1958-



1 x Drive nut 1 x Rotary Pump 1 x Drive Coupling 1 x Gasket 4 x Shims 2 x Bolts

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