Digital Alternator & Lighting Kit - Brighter lights and easier starts!

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Get rid of those old points with this fully digital system, incorporating everything you need to get bright lights and a solid spark!

Can be 6v or 12v, works great with modern LED bulbs.  Run it with a battery or add the power pack and go without.  Perfect for custom where you don't want that unsightly battery box messing up your lines!  We also have key switches that fit right into the system.

Electrex has been making these for years in England and it is truly one of the best upgrades you can make to your classic bike.

All instructions included.


Coil, Stator, Regulator/Rectifier, CDI, plug caps, kill switch, and all hardware you need.


Power pack

Key switch


BSA A50 A65

Norton Dominator Atlas Commando

Triumph  3TA 5TA T100 T110 T120


65 watts total output

Rotor is supplied with a taper locking collet, enabling the rotor to be fitted on the 3/4" crankshaft without the need for a woodruff key, this allows system to be fitted even if keyway is damaged. The rotor can be fixed in any position making timing easier to set up.

Timing Marks on rotor and stator for easy timing!

Flywheel weighs 1.5 pounds

Not for use with a Lithium Ion battery.  Only use Lead acid or the Power pack.

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